Living and working in The Woodlands, Texas, we see a lot of golfers experiencing lower back pain. Holding a club, hunched over with poor posture and swinging around quickly while twisting and torqueing your back is not a natural movement. Repeating that movement over and over only adds to the stress placed on the spine, thus creating aggravation. It doesn’t matter how you swing it, playing golf puts a lot of stress and pressure on the spine and back.

Maybe you’ve been training with a golf pro to learn the proper spine angle, but you find it too difficult to rotate around your spine during the golf swing. Whether you are a new or seasoned player, in addition to training with a golf pro, consider having your golf flexibility, strength, core stability, and balance assessed by a TPI golf fitness instructor.

The Titlelist Performance Institute program (TPI) offered by Sterling Ridge Sports Medicine Center (SRSMC) is designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve overall physical conditioning. At SRSMC, golfers complete a series of golf fitness evaluation tests (usually reserved for professional golfers) to assess the body’s physical strength and limitations in the golf swing. Our certified instructor then reviews your test results, and designs a personalized golf fitness exercise program that will take pressure off your back to decrease your lower back pain. In addition, you will see dramatic physical improvements while increasing power and consistency to improve your overall swing and lower your handicap!

More often than not, players suffering from lower back pain are eager to hit the green after taking a few pain relievers. But always listen to your body. If you’re feeling strain or sharp pain, it’s best to take the day off and contact our office to visit with our TPI certified instructor. You’ll be back on the course with an improved swing before you know it.

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