Everyone experiences pain at some time. Often it’s an indication that something is wrong in your body. Pain is the most common reason people seek medical attention, accounting for about 80 % of doctor visits. Yet, it is defined differently by each patient and can be very complex.

At SROSM we offer comprehensive pain management including:

  • A careful assessment and diagnosis.
  • Treatment including use of non-invasive treatment options whenever possible.
  • Prevention techniques to keep the pain from coming back.

We have two board certified doctors dedicated solely to our patients’ pain management needs.

Dr. Raka Gohel is board certified in pain management and anesthesia. She has been focused on interventional pain management for over 15 years. Dr. Gohel is one of the first physicians in the Houston area to provide the MILD (minimal invasive lumbar discs decompression) procedure, an innovative pain management technique that treats lower back pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis.

Our second pain management specialist is Dr. Alexander Mohr. Board certified in orthopedic surgery, he specializes in minimally invasive, nonsurgical and surgical spinal pathology including disc degeneration, spinal trauma, sports-related spine issues and scoliosis. A devoted sports enthusiast and former Utah State University left tackle, Dr. Mohr is passionate about working with athletes to return them to their sport.

Dr. Gohel and Dr. Mohr work very closely with Dr. Hayes and Dr. Johnson as well as the SROSM physical therapy department to provide each patient with a comprehensive, customized pain management plan. For more information and tips on pain management, see our website or Facebook page.