Rodney Willroth loves to walk his dogs. But on his daily five-mile walk, he started feeling hip pain after just one mile. He went to an orthopedist and got an MRI that showed he had a 6” tear on his hip which would require a hip arthroscopy. But that was only part of the bad news. Hip arthroscopy is a fairly new procedure which means the insurance companies hadn’t quite figured out how to handle it yet. His orthopedist told him his insurance wouldn’t cover the hip repair.

Knowing there had to be another solution; Rodney began researching for other orthopedic specialists. In one web search he came across Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine’s Dr. Keith W. V. Johnson. Dr. Johnson is one of only a few orthopedic surgeons in the Houston area who is trained in performing hip arthroscopy procedures. Plus, the online reviews showed he had a good reputation and he had the equipment to perform the surgery at his surgery center in The Woodlands where you don’t need to park and walk long distances to the office. So he called SROSM for an appointment.

Rodney was impressed with Dr. Johnson. “His bedside manner was very good. Actually, everyone in the office was warm and welcoming. And when they found out how to get my insurance to cover the hip arthroscopic surgery, I knew I came to the right place,” said Rodney.

The surgery was about 1 ½ hours long and Dr. Johnson found that Rodney not only had the tear, but actually had a bone spur and a cyst in his hip too. After the surgery, Rodney was given several weeks of physical therapy that included basic movements and stretching that he did at the SROSM physical therapy office and at home.

“My pain significantly improved just one week after the surgery. And after the surgery, SROSM kept taking good care of me. The staff would call immediately with follow-up therapy and doctor appointments. And I love that there was never a long wait when I came in for my appointments,” said Rodney.

Rodney is back to walking his dogs and plans to be back at work piloting planes about a month after the surgery. He’s one happy patient and says, “I’ve since recommended SROSM and will continue too!”