Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine was a proud sponsor of the recent Snapping Tortuga Open Water Swim held on April 14, 2013. This open 2.5K and 5K swimming competition was held in Lake Conroe where many triathletes and swimmers came together for an open-water swimming experience. Our own Dr. Keith Johnson competed in the 2.5K race and had a time of 37 minutes.

"We're proud to sponsor and participate in events such as the Snapping Tortuga Swim and other competitions in our community," said Dr. Johnson. "We enjoy the lifestyle and want to help our fellow athletes when sports injuries occur. Not only do we know what to do for them, we understand what it's like to want to get back out on the race course as soon as possible."

SROSM also includes a full physical therapy team that understands the needs of athletes and how to recondition them to be ready to compete again.